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2021 Build Update

As many clients are soon to embark on the exciting journey of watching their homes come to life, we hope to address some matters that the Victorian Building Industry is currently experiencing in regard to the supply of building materials. As a result of the Home Builder Grant Scheme that was implemented by the Federal Government last year, there is limited availability of building supplies Australia-wide, which is also affecting SJD Homes. Due to the extension of the grant, this has caused an unprecedented number of homes to go to site in a short time frame.

The most significant delay that we are facing is the delivery of the polystyrene waffle pods that form part of your slab. At this current time, our suppliers have informed us that the next delivery of the waffle pods is not due until late June. With this shortage, house slabs are now having to be booked from July onwards, resulting in site starts being delayed until June/July 2021. Unfortunately, this will result in a delay of site cutting and underground works to avoid any unnecessary exposure to upcoming wet weather conditions during the waiting period. Whilst we understand the inconvenience this may cause our clients, our Construction Department is continually trying to ensure that best construction practice is implemented. We appreciate your patience whilst we organise timelines for cuts and drainage to ensure they fall in line with waffle pod delivery dates.

Unfortunately, the lack of supply will also impact the frame stage as the industry is currently experiencing an undersupply of support beams that are used as part of the frame. At the time of writing, there are none available nationwide. For this reason, please expect to see delays with frames being erected.

In order to try and combat these onsite delays, the decision has been made that our Pre-Construction Team will be carefully scheduling the issue of building permits. This will assist in avoiding partially completed homes unnecessarily sitting idle until we are able to secure the relevant building materials. Permits may take longer to be issued than initially indicated; however, please rest assured that at this stage all building materials have already been ordered and we are simply awaiting a delivery date. This extra time allows us to ensure stock is available at each stage and avoids the risk of damage and theft onsite during unsecured stages.

Once permits are issued and our Pre-Construction team has received all other satisfactory documentation, each home will move to the Construction Department. Within a few weeks of receiving the job files, our clients can expect an email from our Construction Team advising of the expected completion dates of upcoming works. Please understand that our Construction Team are currently scheduling an incredibly large number of jobs for site starts, so we ask for your patience during this time.

In light of these supply shortages, the industry’s suppliers have increased their prices significantly. Please rest assured that your contract price is fixed, and you will not be impacted by these price rises.

We understand this is not the news our clients wish to hear during their build journey. As we continue to work through these supply issues, please be patient with our devoted team as we work around the clock to ensure we are able to build your homes as promptly as possible. We are committed to building each home to the highest standard and wish to see it through to completion as soon as we can.

We greatly appreciate your understanding during this time and thoroughly look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please reach out to our head office on 03 9095 8000 or email [email protected]

Warm Regards,

Rod Fitzsimmons
Pre-Construction & Sales Manager
SJD Homes

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