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2022 Christmas Donations

This year, SJD decided instead of receiving staff Christmas gifts from senior management, like many other businesses do, to redirect the money towards those who need it more. We selected 5 different charities close to our hearts, and donated a total of $20,000, as well as other toys, presents, food and essentials.  Christmas is a time to give, and we recognize that we are already fortunate enough ourselves, so therefore direct our generosity to those who may not be so lucky, in the hope to put a smile on their faces during this time.

This decision by our staff was so quickly made, reflecting our company culture and the types of people who represent us. We are grateful that we are in a position to be able to give back to local charities and lend a hand to those who need it. SJD Homes has always stood proud and been actively involved in numerous charities and fundraisers and encourage others to do the same where possible.

Here’s a little bit about the charities that we chose to support:

Backpack Bed for Homeless – $5,000

Backpack Bed for Homeless is a national organization providing life saving backpack bed emergency swags and sleeping bag hypothermia packs to homeless adults and youths.

BK 2 Basics – Presents & Toys

Back 2 Basics are a team of dedicated volunteers who make a difference to homeless and financially disadvantaged locals through a Community Pantry and Hamper program. They currently feed over 7000 people each week.

Follow Bless Collective Food Van – $5,000

Our neighbors just up the road from Head Office, Follow Bless provide a weekly food van program in Pakenham, and make a difference to lives all over Cardinia and Casey.

Eli’s Gift – $5,000

Eli’s Gift aims to alleviate the financial burden on families with seriously sick children. They cover the costs of an array of expenses, from utility bills, groceries, school fees, hospital parking, and anything else that puts an unnecessary strain on families.

Very Special Kids – $5,000

Supporting children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Our very own Rick Rawson and his daughter Everley have been supported by Very Special Kids throughout Everley’s journey.

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