Giving homeowners the power to make sustainable change with Synergy by SJD Homes. | SJD Homes

Giving homeowners the power to make sustainable change with Synergy by SJD Homes.

The team at SJD Homes are so excited to present to you.. Synergy by SJD Homes.

At the heart of a new generation of home builders sits the consideration of the environment and our impact on the Earth. Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming a noteworthy concern when choosing a home to build and the inclusions offered. And so Synergy by SJD Homes was born – bringing the future to you with a range of industry first all-electric, air-tight, energy efficient home inclusions.⁠

Following the release of Synergy by SJD Homes, we sat down with Director Simon Dunstan and Sales Manager Rod Fitzsimmons to gain a deeper understanding of what Synergy truly is and how it can positively impact homeowners.

SJD Homes are one of the first volume builders to bring such a simple tool to the residential home building market. Making 7 star rated homes easy, accessible, and affordable.

⁠“The reality is that 7 star rated homes don’t cost that much to achieve.” Rod says. “And by partnering with some of our key suppliers and contractors, we’ve been able to create these packages that greatly reduce the cost to the builder, meaning that we can then pass these savings on to the owner to create a much more affordable system in which people can do these upgrades without losing all the shiny gold bits that we all want in our house at the same time.”

Synergy achieves a perfect balance between sustainability and style. By reducing the cost of these items and removing the builders margin that others in the industry tend to heighten, we’ve leveled the playing field and made sustainable living more accessible than ever. You won’t have to sacrifice any of the luxuries that we have come to expect from today’s home design trends.

“Essentially, Synergy is a promotional pack that brings increased comfort and efficiency to the standard home market. We want people to upgrade their homes to make them more comfortable, better for the environment, and generally cheaper to run. By bundling these into simple packs that can be tacked on to any SJD Homes floorplan (given the correct orientation is achieved), it takes away the guess work and makes sustainable living simple” Rod explains.

Synergy sees the typical big ticket emission-generating items in a standard home removed and replaced with a more efficient alternative.

The gas connection is removed, and the home becomes fully electric. Instead of gas ducted heating, gas cooking appliances, and gas hot water, we look to electric alternatives. Induction cooktops and electric ovens, split systems and heat panels. When combined with solar on the roof, gas bills are effectively non-existent and electricity bills are drastically lowered.

Double glazing, upgraded insultations batts, and sealed cavity pockets in turn allow the home to retain heat through winter and cool through summer, improve air-quality, reduce noise, and just generally create a healthier and more pleasant environment within the home.

“We are so excited to be in a position to give homeowners the power to make sustainable change, not only through out the build of their new home but also into the daily operation of the home once the owners move in. To be able to make a positive difference to the way people live is why we are in this game and why we are so passionate about what we do.”

SJD Homes have worked in the sustainable homes space since our inception. Simon registered SJD Homes as one of the HIA’s very first GreenSmart Builders way back in 2007(??), and this has remained a cornerstone of how SJD Homes has operated for the past 15 years. Backed by years of knowledge, sustainable innovations, cutting edge technology, and strong relationships with leading manufactures and suppliers in the space, our dedication to sustainability and the environment has evolved over the years and lead us to Synergy.

Synergy by SJD Homes is now available on all SJD Homes Signature Range Homes. For a deep dive into how Synergy works, you can read more here or book an appointment with your Building Consultant to learn more here.

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