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Customer Service Charter


The SJD Homes Customer Charter covers the following areas:

  • What you should expect from us as a company
  • What SJD Homes ask of you as a customer
  • The process for any issue resolution

We pride ourselves on the relationship that we build with our customers as they partner with us for their new home build journey. We acknowledge what a huge emotional and financial decision it is and understand that customers are putting their trust in our company. We want to make this experience as smooth as possible and we believe that communication from both sides is the key to making the build experience a smooth and successful one. Our Customer Charter aims to explain the expectations from both sides to avoid any confusion or issues along the way.


We aim:

  • To ensure we listen to the needs and concerns of our customers
  • To take such needs into account when making decisions along the build journey and provide complete explanations for any needs that may not be able to be catered for
  • To provide you with various methods of communication with us including phone, email, and in person.
  • To obtain feedback from you along the build journey in relation to your experience with us
  • To always seek continuous improvement of our customer care based on your feedback
  • To provide you with information of what to expect at each stage of the building process to promote a smooth and enjoyable home build  
  • To contact you to discuss any issues or concerns you have raised with our Sales Manager or Site Supervisor


We will:

  • Provide you with detailed information and documentation to explain all stages of building a new home
  • Answer any questions you have as thoroughly and as clearly as possible and within a reasonable time frame
  • Treat you with respect, courtesy, honesty and sincerity
  • Be detailed and transparent with our pricing, inclusions and exclusions
  • Act ethically and with integrity
  • Provide you with ample time to read and understand all contracts and answer any queries before asking you to sign
  • Provide you with a dedicated Sales/Building Consultant and Site Supervisor as your continuous point of contact throughout your home build
  • Provide communication updates during the pre-construction stage from your Sales/Building Consultant including the expected time frame of each step
  • Provide progress reports from your Site Supervisor at each stage of the construction process [base stage; frame stage; lock up stage; fixing stage; completion]
  • Contact you within 2 weeks of moving in to ensure you’re happy with everything in your new home.


We promise:

  • To build your home within the time frame set out in the build contract
  • To conduct all Quality Assurance procedures, inspections and checks on your home during construction
  • To build your home with the same high quality and workmanship standards that we strive to achieve on every home we build
  • To provide the opportunity for on-site inspections of your home accompanied by your Site Supervisor
  • To provide you with a pre-handover walk through and inspection of your home with your Site Supervisor for the opportunity to discuss any outstanding items or items that may need rectifying, followed by a Completion Report listing all agreed items are completed and ready for hand-over.
  • Our site supervisors will conduct a pre-handover detailed inspection on all finished materials and workmanship, consistency of layout and front elevation with the plans and that all finishing components have been accurately installed.
  • To provide a 3 month maintenance period from handover, for the opportunity to report any items in the home that may need addressing due to settling of the house, with inspections and trades then arranged to rectify reported items.


We will:

  • Ensure that we listen to all issues and concerns with respect and understanding
  • Investigate all issues thoroughly and respond as quickly as possible with resolution options both in writing and verbally
  • Provide the opportunity to meet in person to discuss
  • Be fair and reasonable in resolving issues and disputes
  • Strive for a resolution that is to your satisfaction

We ask of you:

  • To be honest, reasonable and detailed when reporting any issues
  • To thoroughly read and understand all documentation that outlines advice, maintenance, limitations and risk prevention measures on your selection of building materials and products to avoid potential issues
  • Act with respect, patience and courtesy when communicating issues and disputes with our team   
  • To allow us a fair opportunity and reasonable time frame to respond to and resolve any issues that may arise before turning to social media
  • To review our product and service with honesty and completeness


That you will:

  • Be open, honest and detailed in your communications with us
  • Treat all of our staff at all levels of the company with mutual respect, courtesy and politeness
  • Ensure to read and seek to fully understand all documentation provided to you
  • Seek to clarify, understand and complete your obligations
  • Provide feedback, positive and constructive, on our product and service to enable us to strive for continuous improvement

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