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The team at SJD Homes saves lives

The team at SJD Homes saves lives

21st November 2016

I knew when I started working for SJD Homes that the company was very generous when it came to giving back to the community and they have always been extremely supportive of staff and their families. However, when I was diagnosed with Leukemia at the beginning of the year I was truly touched (and quite emotional!) by the support and response of the whole SJD team.

Whilst spending 4 months in hospital undergoing intensive chemo treatment, many blood transfusions were needed. It’s not until you spend time in hospital – especially in a Leukemia ward – that you fully realise how much blood patients need just to stay alive (Australia needs over 25,000 blood donations every week!). When I heard a whisper and mentioned that there was a blood shortage the SJD team didn’t hesitate in registering to give blood with the Red Cross (I’m especially proud of those who overcame their phobia to brave the needle!). It is now a regular event and to date the team have given blood on three occasions. As a whole, the company has helped to save more than 93 lives. So not only did SJD support myself and my family including cooking meals and even humorous tips on the benefits of being bald (from a ‘follicly challenged’ colleague!), they have helped numerous sick people by giving blood including cancer patients, children and trauma patients.

The culture of charitable behaviour and wanting to help others is not new to SJD. Not only do a number of staff volunteer and support causes close to their heart in their own time, but the company is always quietly giving back to the community and supporting different causes including being a major supporter of ‘Big Blokes BBQ’ for prostate cancer, a hands on supporter of Toomuc Valley Landcare Group, is currently organising a fundraiser for ‘Backpacks for Kids’ and has a fundraising team for Cancer Council’s ‘Relay for Life’ – just to name a few. We have an amazing bunch of inspirational, giving, caring, genuine, warm-hearted people at SJD and I am so proud and appreciative to be a part of such a great team.