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Carbon Neutral

We are so proud to share the news that we are now officially Carbon Neutral!

At SJD Homes, we have recently taken steps to lessen our impact and offset everything we do. Across our Head Office and Display Homes, SJD Homes is now a certified Carbon Neutral company!⁠

We recently partnered with @carbonneutralau to measure, reduce, and offset our carbon emissions across all of our Head Office and Display Home sites. The process was complex and allowed us to take a deep dive into the carbon we emit in our everyday operations. Carbon emissions include everything from electricity, gas, and water used, to the fuel our Site Supervisors use travelling to each job site, and the paper we print on each day.

What it Means to Become Carbon Neutral

In order to become Carbon Neutral, we took a number of measures to significantly reduce our emissions, including:

  • SJD Head Office is entirely powered by the solar we have on our roof!
  • Our Building Contracts are now entirely electronically sent and signed. Contracts are often 200+ pages long, so this saves us a TON in printing emissions each year
  • We installed water-saving plumbing and energy-efficient appliances to manage our energy demand

What we couldn’t reduce, we offset! By purchasing offset units, we are able to balance out the remaining emissions. The offset units we purchase reside within the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor – a huge reforestation project that is restoring the landscape and preserving precious native trees and shrubs along the West Coast of Australia, just outside of Perth. Our offsets have planted more than 3000 native trees and shrubs in the area, which will contribute to improvements in water quality, soil quality, climate change, and of course, carbon removal.

You can read more about the Yarra Yarra Project here if you are interested. It’s incredible the work that has gone into it and all the positive effects coming out of it.

At SJD Homes, we’ve always had a focus on building a stronger future, and this is just the beginning. ⁠Each year, we will continue to reduce and monitor our carbon output and showcase climate leadership in the construction industry. What this means for you is that the administration emissions of your new home build have been offset, and you can rest assured that when working with SJD Homes, you’re also working with the environment.

You can join us in our journey towards a more sustainable planet. Include a Carbon Offset Donation in your SJD Homes Contract and help us work towards our goal of Carbon Neutrality each year. SJD Homes will match the cost of each donation – with all funds directed to our Reforestation Partner Project – The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor.

Find Out More About Our Carbon Neutral Goals

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